For State Representative


Well Done on a Highly Successful Campaign


We lost the primary race for Democratic candidate for State Representative by approximately 60 votes.  However, the campaign was a huge success and everyone involved should feel a sense of dignity and honor for being associated with such a successful campaign. I certainly do.


Vote Successes:

• Runner-up in a very intense three-way election;

• Lost by less than 3 % of the total vote;

• Won all five precincts in Ashland;


Finance Successes:

• Spent approximately $10,000 less than the nearest opponent;

• Stayed on-budget throughout the campaign;

• More than 150 individual donors;


Team Successes:

• Assembled a team of more than 50 volunteers;

• Placed approximately 150 Lawn Signs;

• Created some meaningful friendships;


Policy Successes:

• Refused all Special Interest money;

• Changed the district’s dialogue on important environmental issues;

• Maintained a positive campaign; never disparaging any opponent;



Once the General Election is complete, we will organize a Campaign Reunion party.  It will be a fun event with refreshments and awards and plenty of campaign war stories.


Until then . . .  Do Good Things!